How to Become an Award Winning Business – Edistech’s Journey – Part 1

On the 17th October 2018, EDIStech was awarded Best Company in the South East Region of Auckland for “Excellence in Customer Service Delivery”. For an IT company this was particularly special as generally speaking, IT companies are terrible at post implementation support and all round customer service.

Why am I telling you this?

I thought, for what it’s worth, that I would share the Journey EDIStech has taken over the past four years that led to us receiving this award. Yes it was a four year journey!

Join me over the next Ten Blogs as I reveal our Journey to success.

Hopefully, there are some take-outs for company owners and business leaders that you can apply to your businesses.

I am also happy for anyone to contact me if you want more information on what I am sharing in these blogs. I don’t possess to know everything about building award winning companies, but these steps worked for us.

So starting next week please follow EDIStech’s journey from a run of the mill Software as a Service company in EDI Software development to an Award Winning business.

Please note that by putting in place the disciplines and steps I will discuss over the next Ten Blogs, not only did our customer service levels improve, but every aspect of our company’s performance improved; from staff turnover levels, profitability, increased revenues and enjoying coming to work.

As the old saying goes – “Winners are Grinners”