Becoming an Award Winning Company – Part 3

Take the Pulse and Blood Pressure of the Company

Recap of previous article ‘Becoming an Award Winning Company Part-2

In my previous blog I discussed that the owner of a business may not be the best candidate to keep running his/her business once it reaches a certain size. It takes a very humble and self- confident business owner to first acknowledge that this is the case, but further let the business manager run the business and support him/her in their initiatives.

Listen and Observe

The first three weeks or so of my tenure with EDIStech I just listened and observed. I had a one on one with all my staff off site at a café so that I got their most honest response to how things were really going. I asked them what they saw as the most critical areas of the business that needed addressing. If you have a company with under 30 staff I would recommend having a one on one with all of them at least quarterly. Thirty plus staff, depending on your availability, may be too many for a one on one, but as much as possible this should be done. Your staff will feel included right from the outset.

I summarised my findings, presented this to the senior management team and asked for their input. From there I scored each issue on business impact and solved as many of those concerns as possible. This gave me quick credibility with the team.

Start to Build Momentum

The second takeout is to listen regularly to staff and act quickly on easy wins to build your credibility and to build momentum. This is one of the key aspects of getting a business back on track. Starting to build momentum is key by solving key problems identified by staff from all facets of the business.

Next week I will talk about the meeting regime I put in place and how that also assisted in EDIStech building momentum.

About Me
I have been the General Manager at EDIStech since April 2015. I have gained extensive leadership and strategic planning experience, having worked in general management, regional sales and operations management and senior finance positions.

My career has covered positions in retail, manufacturing, importing as well as in the service industries – Public Relations and now IT. I hold a Bachelor of Business Degree from Deakin University in Australia as well as MBA modules in Marketing and Strategic Planning.

I invite you to read my coming blogs in this series about the connection between technology and productivity in the EDIStech blog.

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