EDIStech is the proud winner of the Westpac Business Awards Excellence in Customer Service Category announced 17th October, 2018


We are proudly an Auckland based EDI company dedicated to providing leading edge, economical and secure EDI software solutions for businesses of all sizes that are time efficient and cost effective.

We began in 1985 as a pioneer and innovator in the EDI space, offering EDI solutions in New Zealand. With over 30 years experience in the electronic data interchange space, we developed our own proprietary  EDI software, enabling us to offer standard and bespoke EDI solutions designed for SMEs right through to multi-nationals operating in the global space.

Today we provide many of New Zealand and Australia’s largest Retailers, Healthcare providers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and a variety of SMEs with highly professional, secure and efficient EDI software solutions – together with friendly support and expertise (Click here to see some of our valued clients)

How will we make a difference to your business?

Our Differentiators:

EDIStech has completed many EDI implementations and consequently, we understand what clients expect from an EDI partner. We have worked hard to build these aspects into our offering.

When working with EDIStech, you will experience what makes us different from our competitors.  At the end of your EDI implementation, our General Manager or CEO will conduct a Post Implementation Review with you to obtain feedback on how we delivered on each of these differentiators. In this way we continually improve our offering.

We are an extension of your IT Department:

EDIStech sees itself as part of your IT Department. We know that our performance directly impacts on your reputation, so we work very hard to ensure your reputation is enhanced by delivering on time and on budget. As a member of your internal IT team, we will challenge the status quo to ensure your EDI solution is the best for your business. We have an amazing Support Team which partners with you after implementation of your EDI solution.

Excellent Communicators:

IT companies are famous for being notoriously bad communicators. At EDIStech we have worked hard to become one of the best communicators in the IT industry. We measure this by client feedback and our experience working with other EDI companies. Our clients receive regular updates on their EDI project status and any issue resolution work.


No Short Cuts:

As your EDI Partner, we will not take short cuts. We may take a bit longer than our competitors, but we will ensure we understand the full scope of your project and we will apply best practice software development to ensure a favourable outcome.

Lateral Thinkers:

At EDIStech we ask lots of questions to understand all aspects of the project. We will have at least two EDIStech employees at every critical meeting to capture both the Technical and Business Process aspects of your EDI project. We will challenge your thinking and offer recommendations if we feel the solution you propose is not quite right.

Experienced EDI Project Management:

In an EDI Implementation Project, there could be up to 4 parties involved (the two trading partners and their respective EDI service providers). EDIStech knows that unless the Project Management is implemented exceptionally well, time delays and miscommunication will occur. Consequently we suggest EDIStech manage all EDI implementations we are involved in.

Proprietary EDI Software:

Unlike our competitors who use 3rd party EDI software, EDIStech has developed its own EDI E-Commerce translation and validation software. This enables us to create bespoke electronic data interchange solutions for your business, catering for your particular nuances. EDIStech has on occasions been asked to provide other EDI companies with part solutions for their clients.

What else do we do apart from EDI Implementations?

EDIStech has developed entire B2B and B2C websites into which orders can be placed, and then feed into our clients’ ERP system directly. For example, watch this video on our Bespoke EDI solution for Cavalier Bremworth.

We have also developed very specific non-EDI solutions for some of our clients including: A Customer Feedback/Complaints Management Portal and online forms for capturing Product Attribute Information for FMCG.


Some of our competitors seem to delight in confusing their clients with technical language and jargon. We speak your language and believe that in order to provide the best IT solution, easy communication is essential. This is why we’ll sit down with you to discuss your business requirements and answer your questions. We pride ourselves on our open, quick and efficient communication style, which is uncommon in the IT Industry.

“The team at EDIStech are great communicators, responding to questions in a manner that is easy for non-technical people to understand”

Mel Otto, ecostore


EDIStech is New Zealand’s leading B2B EDI solutions provider.

Customized EDI solutions? Yes we do.

Speak to us to day, to find out how we can tailor a the right EDI solution to meet your business needs.

Some of the clients we work with

Cavalier Bremworth

Jaeco have partnered with EDIStech as an EDI service provider since 2008. In that time we have changed our accounting software package and EDIStech have provided excellent support and advice during this change.

EDI is a must have in today’s digital world and makes trading with larger retailers easy and gives us the competitive edge. Having orders and invoices seamlessly added and retrieved from our internal system and having the confidence in the process being well managed by EDIStech gives us more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Overall we would recommend implementing EDI and partnering with EDIStech as a service provider.

James Seabright
James Seabright

The EDI component of our project had really stalled and we weren’t making any progress with our previous provider.  Around 2 months before our go live date we made the scary decision to change agencies and move all the EDI integration work over to EDIStech. It was the best decision we made for the whole project. What was the hardest part of our integration to a new ERP system quickly became one of the easiest.

The team at EDIStech are pros; knowledgeable, proactive, fast & efficient, friendly and best of all great communicators, responding to questions in a manner that is easy for non-technical people to understand.  They took the time to understand our business processes and with their in-depth knowledge of our business partners’ IT systems, translated these into an EDI solution on time and on budget.

Working with EDIStech has been a great experience and we would thoroughly recommend EDIS to anybody looking at an EDI integration project.

The ecostore team
The ecostore team

Our initial contact with EDIStech was in March 2013.  We were looking for a EDI partner to help us through the process of our increasing need for electronic business solutions.

They have been easy to deal with right from the very first meeting with them at our premises.

Advantages we have found with doing business with EDIStech is they were already dealing with a number of our trading partners so were familiar with our requirements.  The fact that they are a local business was also a huge advantage.

The testing stage went smoothly and their communication was great when going live making sure they were available if any problems arose.

Three and a half years later we have found their commitment and support has not wavered from our initial contact and as our electronic business has grown they are always available and their response is always prompt.

Colleen Brady
Colleen BradyFinance Manager

Business integration is a must if you’re involved in grocery supply distribution.  We chose EDIStech because they were pioneering EDI with Foodstuffs and Progressive.

When initial meetings were made to implement the integration, we felt confident about it.  I was surprised as the pilot testings were pretty straight forward and did not take very long despite the fact we had a very old ERP system. It wasn’t seamless but was definitely pleasant.

Our company is very pedantic about SLAs and recognize EDI as a critical part of our business process and I’m happy to say that EDIStech has delivered these.  They’re just a bunch of amazing people and fun to do business with.

So to the team…thanks for always being there for us.

red seal team
red seal team

Voyager needed to move to an EDI system in 2017 and we could not have been more impressed with the level of professionalism and service we received from EDIStech. From day one they were able to explain in layman’s terms what was required and worked with ourselves and our software providers to ensure a smooth and swift transition.

Even though they had not implemented EDI with the software we use, they were still able to work to a tight timeline. During the implementation EDIS ensured everyone was in the loop at all times, and proactively communicated with all parties to meet the targeted launch date.

Working with the team at EDIS has been an absolute breeze and we would have no hesitation in recommending working with them for all you EDI requirements.

Lance Best - Voyager
Lance Best - Voyager

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